Advantages of a Technology Education Degree

Exciting Career, Exciting Opportunities!

A Natural Career Choice!

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Discover the fun of helping students learn about our technological world.

Discover what it takes to become a modern K-12 Technology Teacher.

Discover what it is like to teach in a modern Technology Education classroom/laboratory.

Discover the exciting new materials available to help students learn.

Discover what new learning opportunities will become available in the near future.

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Technology Education is a new discipline redesigned for the Information Age, which seeks to provide technology literacy for all students at all grade levels. Technology Education is not limited to computers, but provides a rich variety of hands-on laboratory experiments with many exciting new technologies.

Technology Education stresses design and problem-solving abilities and provides to the
student career awareness and information about a wide variety of
technology related careers and non-traditional opportunities, and
prepares all students to prosper in an information and technology rich
society. We communicate through technology. We harness energy and use it to warm
ourselves, make life more convenient, and transport goods and people.
We also produce items we want using energy and many other resources. We
build our future and practice self-evolution through technology.
Technology Education is innovation in action.

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Why Consider a Career in Teaching Technology?

Job opportunities have never been better. The International Technology
Education Association Estimated a Technology
Teacher shortage
of approximately 9,000 in the year 2006. Many
students receive offers before graduation. In all aspects of modern
society, there are stronger demands and incentives for women to train
in a field traditionally dominated by men. Technology Education is no

Reasons to give serious consideration to a career as a
technology teacher:

  • Few disciplines provide as many employment opportunities at all grade levels.
  • Few disciplines provide as many employment incentives - loan forgiveness, signing bonuses, and salary step adjustments.
  • Few disciplines provide equivalent job security for elementary teachers.
  • Few disciplines provide as many opportunities for women to model non-traditional careers for girls.
  • Few disciplines provide as many opportunities for curriculum integration and experiential learning.
  • Few disciplines provide equivalent opportunities to 'break the mold.'
  • Few disciplines provide equivalent access for place-bound teachers or homemakers.
  • Children are central to technology education by doing - designing, problem-solving, and 'making.'

Other reasons to begin your career in technology
education at VCSU:

  • Lifelong learning – technology is always changing,
  • Time with family,
  • Personal satisfaction,
  • Personal growth,
  • Valuable skills, and
  • Working with children.
  • Plus, it's challenging and fun.