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Valley City State University offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students interested in a profession with high demand. VCSU is actively initiating changes in the Technology Education curriculum to meet national and state standards promoting equity and solutions to the high demand for Technology Education teachers nationwide. A Career in Technology Education begins at Valley City State University.

The goals of the Department of Technology and Technology Education are to:

  • Provide technological literacy for all students. To that end, the curriculum will comply, to the maximum extent possible, with the Content Standards published by the International Technology Education Association. These standards represent the best thinking available, and were produced through the interaction of hundreds of talented professionals from all walks of life.
  • Provide superior training for public school technology teachers through maintenance of modern facilities and standards-based curriculum.
  • Provide in-service training opportunities for teachers in the field.
  • Provide career-change opportunities for adults through customized learning.

VCSU is committed to changing the entire approach to Technology Education.

  • The coursework reflects the full spectrum of Information Age Technologies.
  • The schedule of courses reflects the needs of busy, modern students - including summer courses and flexible online courses.
  • The VCSU Technology Education facilities reflect current technologies and appropriate activities for the K-12 setting. Labs are clean, pleasant and student-friendly.
  • Convenience is designed into VCSU's Technology Education curriculum - Lab activities can be done at home or during convenient lab sessions on campus. All courses can be taken online through the World Wide Web.

New Attitudes create new opportunities. Non-traditional careers are defined as those in which fewer than 25 percent of the workforce are women. In Technology Education, fewer than 6 percent of teachers nationwide are women. Women who choose a career in Technology Education not only have the opportunity to become a role model, but also have the opportunity to introduce dozens of other non-traditional careers to young women in their classes. Careers in engineering, architecture, engineering technology, and design are introduced nowhere else in the K-12 curriculum. VCSU has taken steps to remove both perceived and real barriers to this exciting new career choice.

Preparing technology teachers today to develop technologically literate adults tomorrow.


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