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Technology & STEM Education Staff

Peder "Pete" Gjovik - Department Chair

Peder Gjovik
Peder Gjovik is an assistant professor and Department Chair in the Technology Education Program at VCSU. Pete also serves as Co-Director of the Don Mugan CTE Leadership Center. Pete holds degrees in Liberal Arts (AA) from Lake Region State College, Industrial Technology Education (BS) from Valley City State University, and Industrial Technology (MS) from the University of North Dakota, and Occupational and Adult Education (PhD) from North Dakota State University.

Pete has experience in public and higher education. He taught industrial technology for grades 7-12 and most recently taught in a two-year college graphics program for 21 years. He also has entrepreneurial experience from ownership of several businesses. Pete began teaching for the VCSU Technology Education Department as an adjunct in 2006 and as of 2008 began teaching full-time for VCSU. 

Lana Fornes - Instructor

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Lana Fornes is serving as an instructor for the Technology Education on-line program. She holds a B.A. degree from Western Illinois University with an emphasis in professional writing and a M.Ed. degree from Valley City State University in Technology Education.

Prior to entering professional education, Lana was a licensed health professional providing health and safety education in public schools and communities in southeast North Dakota for over 14 years. She was originally from Illinois, but has spent 30 years living on the great northern plains and loving it. Besides her work, Lana is focused on her native North Dakotan spouse and family; including her two sons, one grown and one on the verge, her daughter-in-law, and two precious grandchildren.

Ronald Holten - Associate Professor

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Ronald Holten is an associate professor in the Technology Education Program at VCSU.
Ron holds degrees in Industrial Arts and Social Science (BS) from Westmar College, Industrial Education and Technology (MS and PhD) from Iowa State University.

Ron has experience in higher education and K-12. He taught undergrad and graduate courses for 18 years in the Technology Department at the University of North Dakota.
He taught industrial technology for grades 7-12 in Ames, IA; Gilbert, IA; and Crystal Lake, IA.
Most recently he taught driver education at Harrisburg, SD.

Ron is a veteran of the U.S. Army and served 18 months in Germany.
He is one of the last men to be inducted into the military in 1972.

Ron is married to Becky, a local-licensed pastor of the United Methodist Church.
They have three grown children, Beth (husband Nicolas), Janet (husband Greg), and John (wife Ashley).

Ron and Becky enjoy six grand children (Alli, Lucas, Ryland, Noen, Emma, and Elli).
They also enjoy travel, reading, biking, and walks.

Teresa Cole - Administrative Assistant

Teresa Cole is the Administrative Assistant for the Technology Education Department here at VCSU. Teresa earned her Master of Education from Valley City State University.

Annette Beattie - Adjunct Instructor

Adjunct Instructor, Annette went to college to be an engineer and worked as a manufacturing engineer at what is now Goodrich in Jamestown. She completed her M.Ed in Technology Education at Valley City State University and is now teaching Technology Education at Barnes County North.

Eric Ripley - Adjunct Instructor

About Eric

James Boe - Associate Professor

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James Boe is an associate professor and Director of Graduate Studies at Valley City State University. In addition to his work in Graduate Studies, he also directs VCSU's Extended Learning program and is a member of the Instructional Design Team. He has a B.S. in Technology Education from Valley City State University, M.Ed in Educational Leadership from the University of North Dakota and a Ph.D. in Occupational and Adult Education from North Dakota State University.

His previous experience has been serving as Curriculum Development Specialist, Instructor and Chair for the VCSU Technology Education program and a high school Technology Education teacher. James is married to Natalie and they have two daughters, Ashley and Sophia.